Our Story



Founded in 2021 by the owner of Phat Panda Urban Asian Street Food. Inspired to combine his love of fusion into the fashion game.

We are so committed to the sustainability of our planet, that we absorb some of the costs by reducing the price of our eco-friendly products to make them more affordable to our consumers.

The fashion industry needs to make changes to protect the environment. We strive to provide a less wasteful way of production. At Phat Panda Urban Streetwear, all items  purchased are made to order. When you order with us, you help reduce fabric waste that often ends in landfill. Our packaging is also sustainable being made from post consumer recycled plastic.




We are also committed in offering a range of trendy styles, designed by our team of creative designers.

Our plan is to adopt streetwear trends and styles and incorporate clothing with eco- friendly materials, while educating people about sustainability and to positively impact the planet.


As being part of the PHAT PANDA crew you'll stand out from the crowd looking and feeling : 

Pretty Hot And Tempting

Playful Adorable Naughty Desirable Awesome